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Technical specifications & test results

for the GS frame dimension up to 3404mm height

System check with elemet coupling as per ÖNORM B5300; EN14351-1

  • air permeability EN1026; EN12207_class 4
  • driving rain tightness EN1027; EN12208_class E1050
  • Wind resistance EN12211; EN12210_class B2

Backwaterproof up to the profile/glass edge

  • Backwater testing according to the guidelines for waterproofing of buildings – Connection to floor-to-ceiling windows and doors part 2, carried out based on the ÖNORM B5321
  • Resistant to driving rain up to 600Pa after the accelerated life test (-15C up to +50C)
  • Resistant to temperature changes with frost
  • Wind resistant EN12210 at 200 cycles and a pressure suction force of ± 1000Pa

Shock resistance EN13049 (drop height 950mm)

Shock from inside against ESG-window for fall protection

Shock resistance ÖNORM B3716-3 (drop height 900mm)

Shock from inside against ESG-window for fall protection

Sound insulation ÖNORM EN ISO 10140-2:2010

according to evaluation according to ÖNORM EN ISO 717-1:2013,Rw = 49dB with a profile width of 75mm

Thermal insulation at the highest level ÖNORM EN ISO 10077-2

Uw = 0.61 W/m²K at Uf = 0.68 W/(m²K) and Ug = 0.5 W/m²K, with a profile width of 69mm

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